Sal's 2022 Essential Oil of the Year

Sal's 2022 Essential Oil of the Year

I was reading about permaculture so that I could improve my gardening skills, so I was therefore excited to see a Guardian article announcing that the word of the year was ‘permacrisis’.
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I was reading about permaculture so that I could improve my gardening skills, so I was therefore excited to see a Guardian article announcing that the word of the year was ‘permacrisis’. What immediately came to mind without reading the article, was a word related to the global warming crisis and the impact that all the extreme weather events are having on our farming communities.

However, the word ‘permacrisis’ refers to an extended period of instability and insecurity, which does involve climate change, but also encompasses the economic, political, and global instability and insecurity that we are currently experiencing, and which appear to not be disappearing in a rush. It is therefore not surprising the word which was only coined in 2022, perfectly describes how so many people have been feeling this year.  

This has me thinking about an antidote to ‘permacrisis’ and which essential oil embodies the qualities that would help us respond in a more positive way to this extended period of instability and insecurity.

Have you noticed how some people have become easily irritable, anxious, impatient and explode into fits of rage? My feeling is that this behaviour has much to do with ‘permacrisis’. Therefore, I have set out on a mission to find an antidote for it.  

I recently spoke about aromatherapy at an event in Sydney, organized by my dear friend Shasha. She wanted me to talk about two essential oils that she had wisely chosen – lavender and rose. Her reason for these two oils was based on what I had taught her about essential oils. Her logic was that lavender is such a great calming and relaxing oil, it helps us sleep better and is therefore good for the mind. On the other hand, she noticed at Perfect Potion we use rose in so many of our beautiful skincare products because rose is so good for the skin.

However, I also wanted to explain to Shasha the more subtle qualities of these two beautiful oils that she had so wisely chosen. Lavender embodies the qualities of compassion, while rose embodies qualities we associate with grace. 

I think that both compassion and grace will help us deal more positively to the ‘permacrisis’ situation. However, it is ‘grace’ that I want to spend a little more time exploring. The term is not commonly used nowadays – it can mean the charming quality of being polite and pleasant; it can mean the disposition or an act of kindness or courtesy; it can refer to elegance and beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.

The Collins dictionary states that - if someone behaves with grace, they behave in a pleasant, polite, and dignified way, even when they are upset or being treated unfairly.

Wow, can you just even begin to imagine, if politicians acted with grace; how much better the world would be. If we all acted with grace, I do not imagine that word ‘permacrisis’ would even exist!

Rose perfectly embodies the qualities of grace. For example, Valerie Ann Worwood describes the personality of rose as one of gentleness and apparent perfection – in other words, grace!

Mailhebiau states that to simply smell rose refines our sensitivity, takes us into an unknown world and disperses the shadows of our worries, anxieties, and sorrows.

Rose is often described as a symbol of love. Mojay explains that rose helps to heal emotional wounds and restores the trust that makes love possible again.

I think that rose essential oil is the perfect antidote to alleviate ‘permacrisis’ and that is why it is my essential oil for 2022 and my preferred word for 2022 is grace!

Whenever you feel a state of ‘permacrisis’, remember to surround yourself with grace and the beautiful scent of rose.