Perfect Potion uses a small number of raw materials that are derived from sustainably sourced palm oil. 

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

All raw materials containing palm oil-derivatives are purchased through members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

More information about the RSPO and its certified producers can be found at  Specific information regarding sustainable palm oil can be found at

Protecting natural resources

Our ingredient suppliers are committed to maintaining an active RSPO membership.

The goal of the current RSPO members is to jointly develop legal, technical, ecological and social criteria to promote the sustainable manufacture and use of palm oil products, and to implement them in the market place.

In 2008, the palm oil industry set up criteria for sustainability, and it is the first industrial agricultural commodity industry ever to do so. The principles also aim to ensure that the farming of palm oil products is compatible with the protection of the rainforests and their biodiversity.

Currently, the RSPO is the only multi-stakeholder organisation that supports the process of implementing sound principles, key indicators and criteria for sustainable crude palm and palm kernel oil production. However, it will take time to implement these principles throughout the whole supply chain in their entirety and to the full extent.

Commitment to sustainable sourcing

As sustainable development is an integral part of our business strategy, we actively support the use of certified sustainable sources from members of the RSPO for palm and palm kernel oil where these ingredients are required in our products.

When sourcing new raw materials, the origin of the ingredient is always considered, and we continuously monitor the market and ingredient suppliers for palm-oil free alternatives to the ingredients we use.

Below is a complete list of products currently containing palm oil-derived ingredients:
Calendula Infused Hand Cream Happy & Calm Aromatic Mist Rosemary Conditioner 
Chakra Balancing Mist Moisture Cream Base Rosemary Shampoo 
Chamomile Conditioner Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist Tinted Moisturiser Beige
Chamomile Shampoo Nourish Hand Cream Tinted Moisturiser Honey
Cinnamon Facial Scrub Pure Rose Hand Cream Tinted Moisturiser Ivory
Detox Body Buff Relax Aromatic Mist
Essential Oil Solubiliser Replenish Night Balm