The power of slowing and Christmas trees

The power of slowing and Christmas trees

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I have just finished reading a heartfelt personal memoir by Gerald May, The Wisdom of Wilderness: Experiencing the Healing Power of Nature. He shares with us his account of spending time in the wilderness and the powerful healing experiences he encountered when in nature. He refers to a beautiful term ‘the power of slowing’ which he describes as that incredible feeling of oneness we experience when we are in nature or are part of nature.

In the third edition, The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy – Volume I, I suggest the reason so many people are drawn to aromatherapy is a deep desire to feel reconnected with nature, something that we nowadays crave but lack.

Having just read The Wisdom of Wilderness, I have also come to understand how essential oils help to elicit ‘the power of slowing’ that Gerald May talks about.

Even though we have a desire to reconnect with nature we seem comfortable surrounding ourselves with everything that looks like nature but is not natural.

For example, this time of the year, many of you will soon be bringing out of the closet or garage the fake plastic or tinsel Christmas tree. I must admit, nowadays some of them look amazing. However, the one thing they lack is the real scent of a Christmas tree. Do not worry, I have solved this problem with our gorgeous new limited edition Christmas tree blend. 


This reminds me of our first ever Perfect Potion Christmas. I was driving back from an arts and craft market in the country side and saw someone selling these amazing pine trees for Christmas. I have absolutely no idea how I managed to squeeze this massive tree into my little Gemini, but I did. I was so proud of this massive real Christmas tree that decorated our first ever Elizabeth Street shop. It took up most of the shop, but it really felt like Christmas. Each morning when we opened the door to the shop the scent of the pine needles was so inviting and uplifting.

The gorgeous Christmas tree blend evokes the scent of a real Christmas tree. It is a blend of Scots pine, Black spruce, Siberian fir and Virginian cedarwood essential oils. It smells so divine.  You will really be able to confuse your family and friends when you secretly diffuse Christmas tree blend and they think that the scent is coming from the fake Christmas tree. 

More importantly the scent of Christmas tree blend reconnects us with nature, and in doing so allows us to experience the ‘power of slowing’, something that is much needed in our hectic busy lifestyle around Christmas.

Please enjoy our beautiful limited edition Christmas tree blend, available online and in store while stocks last.

Best wishes