Unleash the Dragon Within: Discover Sal's Latest Creation

Unleash the Dragon Within: Discover Sal's Latest Creation

Awaken the fire and the spirit of the Dragon with this potent blend of essential oils that embodies the character traits of the Chinese zodiac sign.
This blend will empower, energise and inspire!ton
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Sal's Inspiration

A night at the Opera listening to the most beautiful arias of Puccini, Rossini and Verdi became the inspiration for my newest creation – the stunning Dragon Blend. There was something magical about the opera. The arias were so passionate, inspiring and revitalizing, so it was no wonder that the music inspired me to create a blend that very evening, embodying all the traits of the Dragon within the Chinese zodiac.

What the Dragon Means in Chinese Zodiac?

  It is interesting that the Dragon is the only mythical creature within the Chinese Zodiac. Dragons are very important and ubiquitous in Chinese art, literature, mythology and festivals. Dragons are seen as a symbol of power and benevolence, they are often associated with good fortune and power. People born in a Dragon year usually possess natural courage, tenacity and intelligence. They are often full of vitality and enthusiasm for life. It is no wonder that the year of the dragon is considered to be the most auspicious time to have children so that they will inherit the dragon’s desirable traits.

So, how did I go about creating a blend that embodies all the amazing traits of the Dragon?


Behind the Blend

It is a sophisticated scent that is bold and empowering, charismatic and alluring and fiercely passionate.


Grapefruit, cold pressed lime and may chang provide a fresh citrus top note to the dragon blend. These oils are revitalizing and energizing, they radiate optimism and dispel negativity, all traits of the Dragon.

The spicy aromas of black pepper, cardamon and ginger kindle the inner fire, fueling our determination; nurturing the courage and strength to achieve our goals and deal with life challenges.
The heart and soul of the blend is rose absolute and ylang ylang, which together with geranium exude passion and confidence; all natural qualities of the charismatic and alluring Dragon.
To this I have added a dash of rosemary because I love the vitality, energy and confidence that rosemary oil elicits. It promotes mental clarity and strengthens our willpower, giving us the courage to and energy of the Dragon.   
This is then all balanced with the warm, woody aromas of patchouli, Atlas cedarwood, Santalum spicatum and frankincense. These oils make the overall composition magical. They promote inner strength, helping us find our purpose – something that is very important for the Dragon.


While this blend is created for the Dragon zodiac sign individuals seeking to tap into their inner strength, passion and confidence; it can benefit anyone wishing to ignite their passion, inner strength and courage. It is also ideal for individuals seeking emotional support and resilience in overcoming challenges.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy this stunning blend that will help you unleash the Dragon within.





Salvatore Battaglia

Aromatherapist & Founder of Perfect Potion