For over 30 years, Perfect Potion has been at the forefront of the clean skin revolution. With COSMOS organic and natural certifications, we are the market leaders in the manufacturing of organic and natural skin care and body care preparations. 

Perfect Potion has a custom built solar-powered manufacturing facility attached to our corporate head office in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. With ISO/GMP certification, we are experts in contract manufacturing, private label manufacturing and white label manufacturing in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia. We contract manufacture skin care and body care preparations for many leading Australian and international brands.

The key to our success stems from our in-house chemists and research and development team. Stringent quality control ensures all cosmetic preparations adhere to our COSMOS, ISO/GMP standards -  your finished product is as flawless as our own!

If you’re a business looking for a contract manufacturer near you who can create and supply organic and natural skin care and body care under your own label, we would love to talk with you.

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