Grace Pure Essential Oil Blend
Grace Pure Essential Oil Blend

Grace Pure Essential Oil Blend

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Inspired by the Stoic virtue of temperance Sweet | Fresh | Floral A beautiful blend of floral, citrus and herbaceous aromas. It has a spring like freshness with a dash of mystery and intrigue. The delightful top notes of bergamot, melissa and neroli allow this blend to radiate a delightful freshness and vitality. The middle notes of fragonia, lavender and geranium provide the perfect harmony and balance to this blend. Frankincense is the perfect base note as it lifts the beautiful scent of rose and enhances the fresh vibrant citrus notes of bergamot, neroli and melissa. Grace creates a relaxing and uplifting effect and can be used to promote emotional balance.
100% Vegan
Palm Oil Free
Cruelty Free
Australian Made
Recyclable Packaging
Sustainably Sourced

A blend of comforting essential oils

• Bergamot – The fresh floral scent of bergamot lifts our mood and evokes joy and warms the heart.
• Fragonia – the sweet camphoraceous scent of fragonia nurtures our heart and spirit. It helps us to be more resilient, allowing us to celebrate life despite any illness, disease, or emotional discomfort.
• Frankincense – the sacred, balsamic scent of frankincense is spiritually elevating. It quietens the mind and is often used to assist in meditation. It is spiritually elevating and helps us experience and integrate divine wisdom.
• Geranium – the fresh herbaceous scent of geranium is nurturing and it promotes harmony and balance, it comforts and opens the heart.
• Lavender – the herbaceous floral scent of lavender embodies the virtue of grace; it promotes harmony and compassion.
• Melissa - the fresh sweet scent of melissa is comforting and revitalizes the soul. It embodies gratitude and allows us to reflect on all that we must be grateful for.
• Neroli – the heavenly fresh floral scent of neroli elevates our spirit and nourishes the soul. It embodies purity, love, and grace.
• Palmarosa – the sweet floral scent of palmarosa encourages us to be kind and gentle to ourselves. It prevents us from being over-critical or judgmental so we can love who we are, and allowing us to love others in the same way.
• Rose - the exquisite floral scent of rose embodies the love and embraces the virtue of grace; it teaches us to forgive others when they hurt us and gently protects us so we are not affected by negativity.

Grace helps to reduce stress and anxiety, it promotes forgiveness, it enhances self-love, boosts self-confidence, and promotes feelings of peace and tranquillity.

Key Ingredients