Relax Aromatic Mist
Relax Aromatic Mist
Relax Aromatic Mist

Relax Aromatic Mist

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Relax your mind and release stress

  • Instantly calming | Serene floral aroma | Easy, convenient and portable
  • Helps reduce tension and soothe stressed nerves
  • Can be used as a body mist or room mist
Cruelty Free
Australian Made
Recyclable Packaging
Sustainably Sourced

Mist from head to toe and inhale deeply to instantly feel the stress melt away. Infused with pure essential oils known to help with relaxation and calming Australian bush flower essences to soothe anxiety.

Emergency Australian Bush Flower Essence
This flower essence has a calming, comforting effect and is the perfect remedy for emotional upset. Angelsword, crowea, dog rose of the wild forces, fringed violet, grey spider flower, sundew and waratah bush flower essences strengthen your resilience and ability to cope, while providing comfort, reassurance and courage.

A note for wheat and gluten sensitivities
This product contains ingredients derived from wheat.

Key Ingredients



Comforting, relaxing, nurturing lavender essential oil soothes the emotions, quietens anxiety and reduces tension, while also enhancing spiritual sensitivity.