Sandalwood Incense
Sandalwood Incense

Sandalwood Incense

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The purest incense in the world

  • This precious sandalwood incense will bring tranquility to your body, mind and soul
  • Made from pure Santalum album and Santalum spicatum
  • No other fillers, fragrances, synthetic ingredients or additives


100% Vegan
Palm Oil Free

These precious woods have been blended with the gum from Litsea glutinosa that is used as a natural adhesive paste.

Sandalwood embraces our emotions, fostering openness, warmth and understanding.
It teaches us to delight in our senses and to appreciate the beauty of life.
Sandalwood connects us with our soul and intrinsic wisdom - integrating our body, mind and soul.

This is the purest incense in the world with no other fillers, fragrances or additives.

10g contains approximately 28 incense sticks.

Key Ingredients



Sandalwood has a long history of use with meditation, prayer and spiritual practice. It teaches us to appreciate the beauty of life, and connects us with our soul and intrinsic wisdom.

Salvatore Battaglia explains

100% pure aromatherapy incense

The practice of burning incense has always had a spiritual significance. The scent of incense is meant to calm the spirit, and to prepare a space for meditation or prayer. Aromatic ingredients from woods and resins have always been the most precious and valuable ingredients to use in incense. It is not surprising that sandalwood, oud, benzoin, frankincense and myrrh have long been used as highly prized incense ingredients.

Nowadays incense has become very popular, and is regularly used to fragrance the home; however, it is highly unlikely you will find any of these precious sacred aromatic ingredients in most of the commercial incense available today. If anything, all the artificial fragrances and fillers used in these incense commonly cause respiratory irritations and trigger allergies. That is why I have endeavoured to create the purest incense in the world.