Wisdom Pure Essential Oil Blend
Wisdom Pure Essential Oil Blend

Wisdom Pure Essential Oil Blend

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Inspired by Stoic virtue of wisdom  Depth | Warm | Woody and Earthy The amazing complex aroma of wisdom is due to a unique blend of many base notes such as atlas cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, rock rose, and frankincense. The herbaceous scents of fragonia and rosemary provides a beautiful herbaceous fresh middle note while lemon is the perfect citrusy top note for this blend. Wisdom has a warm, earthy, woody, and slightly sweet aroma which is reminiscent of a forest after rain. Wisdom is a truly unique and captivating aroma to promote focus, concentration, and inner wisdom.
100% Vegan
Palm Oil Free
Cruelty Free
Australian Made
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Sustainably Sourced

A blend of evocative essential oils:

• Atlas Cedarwood - The woody scent of Atlas cedarwood is grounding and promotes wisdom.
• Fragonia – The fresh delicate camphoraceous aroma of fragonia induces a profound feeling of calm, nurtures the spirit, and strengthens our resolve and resilience. Fragonia allows us to see with new eyes, experiencing a profound insight, change our perspective and opens us to intuitive insight and wisdom, it teaches us to learn from experience and emotional intelligence.
• Frankincense – the sacred, balsamic scent of frankincense is spiritually elevating. It quietens the mind and is often used to assist in meditation. It is spiritually elevating and helps us experience and integrate divine wisdom.
• Lemon - the fresh vibrant citrus aroma of lemon can alleviates mental fatigue; clears your head and paves the way for rational thinking. It encourages us to be fully present the mind and strengthens our intuition. It also promotes joy and optimism.
• Patchouli - The rich earthy aroma of patchouli is grounding and harmonizing and helps whenever we ruminate and worry. It helps the mind to relax and connect with the knowledge of the body.
• Rock rose – the warm powerful, amber note of cistus is centering and is often used as an aid in visualizing spiritual experiences and bringing them to consciousness.
• Rosemary – the fresh herbaceous aroma of rosemary enhances focus and is beneficial wherever there is a need for mental clarity.
• Vetiver – the rich earthy scent of vetiver is grounding and stabilizing. It helps us to face challenges with confidence and resilience. It is ideal whenever we are feeling overwhelmed, ungrounded, and confused. It helps us to remain calm when unsettling events affect us or we face adversity.

Wisdom is the ability to discern what is good and bad, and act accordingly. Stoics believe that wisdom is the goal of philosophy, and that it can be achieved by living a life of virtue. It is the foundation of all virtues, because without wisdom, we cannot make good choices or live a good life.

Key Ingredients

Atlas Cedarwood

Atlas Cedarwood

Fresh, spirit-fortifying Atlas cedarwood helps relieve feelings of stress, nervous tension and anxiety.